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Why You Should Be Courteous On the Road

December 15, 2017


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This might sound crazy, but you should always be courteous on the road no matter what. Besides risking bad karma, other drivers can be spiteful to you in many ways. Be wary of bad mannered drivers.

Random stops in the middle of the road could cause accidents. There are many drivers who decide to stop in the middle of the road when it isn’t necessary. Taxis are mostly at fault for this situation when they want to pick up a passenger. What many people do to “get back” at these drivers is drive slowly in front of them thus delaying their trip. Some drivers will go to the extreme of suddenly stopping to scare the driver who did it to them.

If you are in desperate need to stop in the middle of the road you need to look out for the surroundings. If there are no oncoming vehicles close to you, put your hazards on and pull over as far as you can.

Don’t weave in and out of the different lanes. Not only are you making the highway a dangerous place but you are also frustrating other drivers. Some people will take it as a personal attack and chase after you to scare you a bit.

Do you need to get to a place urgently? That is understood but you need to make sure that you don’t tailgate other drivers. Tailgating causes unnecessary frustration and discomfort to a driver who is minding their own business and following the rules. Other drivers could suddenly brake to teach a lesson no matter the consequences. Keep the correct following distance between cars.

Alternatively, if you are going slower than the speed limit and a car is behind you driving at the recommended speed limit, it would be courteous to move over and let them pass. They are probably in the fast lane to pass all the slower cars to get to a meeting or destination on time.

Don’t go if you weren’t there first! This is basic courtesy and a road rule. Often it is one that will anger other drivers if you don’t adhere to it. In driving school you were always taught that when you get to a stop street you have to stop and allow the person who got there first to go. If they signal you to go, it means that they might be stuck in a situation where they can’t move.

The road can be a dangerous place and it is necessary for all drivers to pay close attention to their own driving and the driving of others. Also make sure that your car roadworthy and that all parts of the car are up to standard such as the wheels and tyres. If the tyres are worn you may want to visit a tyre supplier to take care of it. Vigilance is all it takes to make your road trip safe and comfortable.


What To Look For When Buying A Used Automobile

December 15, 2017


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When you are about to buy a used car, you should carefully look at the car inside and out. The first thing to look at is the oil and other liquids in the engine. Look at the color of the oil. If the oil is pretty dark or black, that is a sign that it needs to be changed. Look at the valve covers to see if there is oil residue around the edges of the covers.

If so, it is time for new valve cover gaskets to be installed. Look at the radiator fluid to see if the antifreeze is good. If it is discolored, it will need to be changed along with flushing of the cooling system. If the odometer is mechanical, look at the far left odometer wheel and see if there are any scratch marks. If scratch marks are present, it is possible that the mileage may have been tampered with.

Make sure that the same wheel is centered. If it is not lined up with the rest of the odometer wheels, that can be another sign of tampering. Fingerprints on the dial can indicate tampering. Look at the tires and see what type of wear is shown. An indication of poor alignment is when the front tire wear is more on the left or right side of the tire tread.

The way to test the alignment while driving is to drive at 30 and 60 miles per hour. If the car pulls to the right or left, the alignment can be out. This is most important on the front wheels. Look at the transmission fluid to see if it is full. This is done while engine is running.

Put the car in reverse and all the other gears. Put back in park and check the transmission dipstick. Look at the color of the fluid. If the color is a light pink/red color, it is usually good. If the color of the fluid is a dark red, it should be replaced along with the filter.

Look for any rust under the car along the frame. Look for rust on the exhaust. Look for rust inside the car under the carpets to see if the car is a flood car. Checking under the seats is also a good place to check for rust. That is a big indicator of a flood car. Last thing is to get a vehicle history report.